Tips for Personal Moving Truck Rentals

When moving your home’s possessions and valuables from one point to another, you want to make sure everything can be moved safely. Moving can be a costly affair. Homeowners moving a short distance or those with small households often consider renting a personal moving truck as a way to save on their moving expenses. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with hiring a moving company to take care of your move, but, if you want to save money, you might want to hire a personal moving truck. 

Well, there’s a good chance that you’ll be confused on where you can start from since there are many truck rentals available. There are several factors to consider or rather keep in mind when renting a personal moving truck.

Start by Researching Personal Moving Truck Sizes

What’s the size of your apartment? Determining the size of your apartment as well as the size of your possessions will help you know the right truck size to choose. If you have a small apartment of about two rooms of furniture, renting a truck with a cargo area of about twelve feet long would more appropriate. However, if it’s a larger move or you’re dealing with more rooms, consider renting truck sizes from sixteen to twenty-six feet long. 

Remember to rent a Truck you can Drive

The fact that you’re looking for personal moving truck rentals means you need to rent a truck you can safely drive. Don’t be in hurry to sign the rental agreement before sitting in the drivers’ seat and making sure you’re comfortable with the truck size. Don’t just assume that all truck rentals have automatic transmissions. Check it for yourself. You might need to practice in a secluded area before you even pack your belongings. The idea is to make sure you’re comfortable driving the truck you’re renting. 

Get the Right Moving Insurance

Note that your personal auto insurer isn’t responsible for the moving truck which is why you should consider purchasing additional insurance. This is just for your peace of mind. You might also want to find out the different forms of coverage the truck rental company offers. 

Consider using Moving Equipment

Cargo trucks come with different features. Moving heavy items can be physically demanding which is why you should consider a hand truck to make your move easier. Other options would be a powered liftgate or a loading ramp. While it might seem like an extra expense, you’ll have an easier time leading your furniture and other heavy items on the truck. 

Ensure the Best Truck Rental Rates

Truck rental companies have different policies when it comes to pricing. Some will charge per hour while other by the day, weekend, or even week. The most important thing to do is asking the different rates the company charges for several different days. It can be cheaper to rent a truck during the week than over the weekend. Be sure how long your move is likely to take so you can avoid being charged for extra days. 

Check the Truck before Signing the Rental Agreement

Finally, it’s important that you inspect the truck before finalizing and signing the rental agreement. Check both the vehicle’s interior and exterior, taking note of any damage. You don’t want to be charged for something you’re not responsible for, do you? Remember to adequately clean out the truck before dropping it back to the truck rental company


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